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Light Roast

Cherry, Apple, Tangerine

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Some customers think this coffee tastes like: Cherry, Apple, Tangerine 

These beans receive special honey-processing to bring out their full potential. This lot from the Nariño region was grown by farmers from the Aponte microregion. It is rare to get a honey processed coffee out of Colombia.

It is nicely sweet and smooth — a “soft” coffee that you can mindlessly sip at all day. This one has all the nice characteristics of a good Colombian coffee; there’s caramel and milk chocolate. But because it was honey-processed their are undertones of fruit; cherry, winey acidity, with some apple, and we roast a little lighter to accentuate some citrus notes. The fruity undertones are subtle but the coffee is sweet and pleasant and the hints of nuance make this a very drinkable coffee.

Process: Honey

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