"We are committed to bringing you the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible."

At Evansville Coffee Company, we strive to bring the full coffee experience to your day with weekly deliveries of  craft-roasted coffee to your home or business. We roast to order, so coffee never sits around, turning stale while waiting to be sold. Our coffee is always fresh-roasted, from the highest quality specialty coffees, ethically sourced from around the globe.

Enjoying The World's Best Coffees Has Never Been Easier

Choose one of our artisan-roasted coffees for one-time delivery or subscription.

Your coffee will be delivered right to your mailbox or preferred local pick-up location.

Enjoy the truly amazing aromas and flavors of fresh roasted coffee, prepared by you!

Handcrafted Coffees for discriminating drinkers

You might be wondering, “what defines an artisan coffee roaster?” Most coffee roasters are all about production. They want to know how many pounds they can produce per hour, per day, or per week, consistently and predictably. It’s a manufacturing process, and we appreciate that, but it’s not what we’re about.

When you take coffee roasting to the level of art, each roast is like a canvas, an expression of celebration between the roaster and the bean. A touch of magic. We like to think that every roast can be a unique expression of the palette of flavors available within each particular coffee’s origin. Yes, we’re a little obsessed with coffee and get pretty intense with the way we talk about it, but that’s what artists do. It’s all good.

Because we’re so obsessed, we select our coffees for their unique flavor potential. It’s like selecting a type of paint or brush because it delivers the performance you want, regardless of cost. And frankly, because we’re willing to pay more and roast small batches, we are able to feature coffees that are unapproachable by larger roasters.

When you buy Evansville Coffee, you can be sure that it’s fresh, and flavorful in interesting ways. We’ll even guarantee it. If you are disappointed with your Evansville Coffee, just let us know, and we’ll make it right. You have our word on that.

Select Offering of the Month

Kenya Nzuri Sana

This 90+ scoring coffee is the finest Kenya we have come across in some time. Small farmers based near Mt. Kenya typically hold just a few acres of land. Their coffees are collected at the washing station, sorted for quality, and then the best beans are combined to create a blend that balances out the differences between individual varieties. The result is a remarkable complexity with bright grapefruit and honey as a light roast, and a rich, velvety robustness as a darker roast.

For this month, we are featuring Kenya Nzuri Sana as a medium-dark roast with a slow, 2.5-3 minute development past first crack.

Farm near Mt. Kenya

Fresh Roasted Beans, Delivered To Your Door

Experience the Amazing flavor of fresh, craft-roasted coffee.

At Evansville Coffee Company, we put flavor first, roasting only the highest quality beans and delivering it fresh so you can experience the dynamic range of flavors that naturally occur in fine coffees.

Delivered to your Mailbox: We believe everyone deserves amazing coffee. Evansville Coffee Company roasts weekly and use next-day delivery so you receive your coffee while it is at its peak flavor.


Who We Are

Our History, Our Vision, Our Dream…

Evansville Coffee Company is a small, artisan roastery launched by me, Tim Piazza, and operated out of a custom-built concession trailer. This unconventional business originated when two thoughts came together and sparked. The first was an awareness that the Evansville coffee scene was becoming far more sophisticated, catching up with cities like San Francisco and Seattle. The second was inspired by the announcement of Evansville’s Downtown Master Plan, including a “Maker District” for artists and entrepreneurs. I decided that my way to contribute to Evansville’s renaissance could be through my passion for cofffee and by creating an exceptional coffee brand that Evansville could call their own, as well as a business that I hope will eventually locate in Evansville’s Maker District.

I’m no stranger to the Evansville coffee scene. You might remember me from the early days of Penny Lane Coffeehouse where I could be found serving espresso drinks or jamming with local musicians. And while my role in that business is in the distant past, my passion for coffee never waned, enjoying some of the world’s best roasts at home and happily chatting about beanology and brewing methods with like-minded friends when the opportunity arose.

My vision for Evansville Coffee is that our product will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best coffees from the east coast to the west coast and beyond. Our offerings will change throughout the year and whenever new great coffees become available. We will strive to keep a few consistent blends in stock that you can count on day after day. We will always strive to produce a cup that stimulates your taste buds and adds a little happiness to your day.

Our beginnings are humble, our vision is big! You can expect many changes over the coming weeks and months as we find our groove, and you can expect us to stick around for a long time, as an enduring Evansville brand that represents quality and innovation. I hope you’ll join us on this coffee adventure.

––Tim Piazza