At Evansville Coffee Company, direct and sustainable relationships takes precedence. From farmers to wholesale partners and customers, we care about the entire journey: bean to cup.

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Two Birds ties in the coffee industry began through family owned farm, Finca Esperanza, but continue to grow and flourish from a desire to promote and sell environmentally and equity conscious Guatemalan coffee without the need of a middle-man.

Brothers Diego and Francisco now travel the globe, with clients in the United States, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, selling coffees from 5 different farms in Guatemala. Along with mother, Ana, and sister Anamaria, this vertical family business is paving the way for ethical and sustainable consumption of coffee from farm-to-roaster and finally to your cup at home.

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Finca Terrerito believes in 3 Pillars – Improving Lives, Sustainability in Everything they do, and Extraordinary Coffee. In that order.

Owned and ran by 4th generation coffee farmer, Al Lopez, and his son-in-law, Harry Hutchins, passion for coffee farming has expanded from a small family business to a large-scale operation that gives back to the community and land it produces from.

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3 generations of Brazilian coffee farming culminated in Minas Espresso partnerships with local farmers, suppliers, and roasters to bring both high quality greens and roasted beans directly to customers.

A farmer himself and founder of Minas, Bruno Nobre emphasizes the company's relationships with farmers, honoring their commitment to a high quality and sustainable product while ensuring fair market pricing to share their products with the world.

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