At the Evansville Coffee Company, we understand the value of experience. This begins with the story of Tim Piazza, who founded our company in 2016. You can read more about Tim's journey to coffee roasting here. In the end of 2022, Zac and Jessica Parsons began serious discussions with Tim to acquire his roasting company and solidify an alliance to pass his experience down to our crew in order to take the Evansville Coffee Company to its next steps.

The Parsons had been working with Tim since the beginning of their own entrepreneurial adventure (the Honey Moon Coffee Co.) in 2016.

When Tim indicated that he was looking towards "retirement" (ha!) with a new project calling his name. By the beginning of 2023, the transition was well underway and Tim began training Ethan Price and Mindy Hale on the high-level and nuanced elements of coffee roasting. By the 2nd quarter of the year, Tim had handed over the reigns to these two, staying on in a more "as-needed" consultative role internally and serving as the Evansville Coffee Company ambassador externally.

Our mission is to help you enhance and elevate yours. We source high-quality coffee beans from locations around the world, then roast them to order for customers nation wide. We also work with partners to develop custom coffee blends that reflect the character of their brand and mission.