Since we acquired Evansville Coffee Company from the founder Tim Piazza at the beginning of 2023, we've been learning every aspect of the business as he works his way towards a well-deserved retirement. We now have an expanded roasting team and multiple additional roasters being built. Our new location being shared with Honey Moon Coffee Company is under construction around the corner from our current location. We wanted to take much of the amazing foundation that Tim had laid out, and build upon it. 

One additional goal we had was to “evolve” the logo to reflect this growth and updated capacity. 


We’ve always been amazed by the work of Rachel Wambach with Sprout Design. Over the years, she's been apart of developing and refining some of our favorite local brands. We were thrilled to be able to collaborate with her on this logo these last few months.

With the original (now "Legacy") logo, we liked the motif of a sun and the rays that were implied by radiating from the center. We did want to simplify the colors used and land on a more "earthly" color palate. As a husband and wife, we wanted the logo to showcase symmetry and balance, so the night sky and the waters of the Ohio River attempt to portray that.

Instead of sun beams, we pivoted into a type of shooting star that still launches from the center. We wanted this to reflect our location in the middle of the continental United States, and our distribution of coffees around the country. If you look closely at the mark in the middle, you'll either see the letters "ECC" or a roasted coffee bean. 

Finally, we went back and forth on what the new "foundation" of the logo should be, and we asked Rachel to draw up a sketch that was inspired by the new roasters we have being built by the San Franciscan Roaster Company this summer. 

What she came back with was a "full body yes" for both of us, which is also something that shoot for during our coffee cupping/tasting sessions. We believe that Rachel really hit the mark with this and we hope that you do too. Working with her and her team on developing this design was a real joy and we highly recommend her company to anyone looking for design work of a certain scope. 

Because we want to honor the amazing legacy that Tim has left for us, we are retaining the familiar logo to be used on our legacy blends. Our single origin roasts will reflect the new branding, and our microlots will transition to "Limited Editions" to reflect their finite availability. 

Please bear with us during this transition. Your coffee order may reflect either brand identity in the coming weeks as we work through our existing packaging supplies. But rest assured, the quality of your beans will always remain our highest priority. Like our mothers always told us, it's what's on the inside that counts. :)


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