Back in June of 2023, Zac went down to Orlando for two reasons, to watch his daughter play volleyball in the AAU National Tournament, and to visit the best rated coffee shops in the city. Without disparaging other coffee shops in the area, the clear winner was Stemma coffee downtown.
With high ceilings, incredible mixed materials with woods, marble, concrete, wallpaper, and paint, it made an immediate impression of care and quality. 
To the right, bench and table seating led a path to the restrooms and a cool decorative seating spot.
To the left, through the window was a roasting area, though no one was roasting at the time.
In the entry, Zac noticed a picture on the wall amidst an impressive mural of a coffee tree. 
He'd soon find out the story behind the portrait. 

After trying a couple of different delicious coffees, Zac struck up a conversation with the owner, Maria Blandon.

It turned out that she owned the company with her daughter Rebecca, and that the picture on the wall was of her late husband Alvaro. This beautiful space had always been his dream, up until his untimely passing in 2021. He was a third generation farmer, but his widow and daughter carried on his vision into this cafe/roastery.

Zac bought a bag of beans to take back to Jessica, as well as the amazing story of the family farm from Nicaragua. In addition to the pictures of the shop's beautiful design, Jessica loved the coffee and made a plan for them to return together during the volleyball tournament in 2024.


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