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This is troubling news…

I learned late last week that some of our coffee customers have not received their web orders yet. Checking this further, I saw that no packages shipped out since December 2, 2020 have yet been delivered. This includes local First Class and Priority Mail packages. As of Monday the 14th, some packages will have been at the USPS for 12 days. While I have seen sporadic delays over the past several months, none have been this long.

I don’t have any hard facts, but what I have been told is that there is a huge backlog at the Evansville sorting facility that may be Covid-19 related. We already know that there have been a number of cost-saving measures, including the limiting of overtime hours and the removal of functioning sorting machines. Compound that with a pandemic that has more people shopping online and delivering holiday gifts by mail and it’s easy to appreciate how this could have happened without jumping to conclusions.

Please, be patient. Evansville Coffee Company is roasting every other day or more often, and shipping orders quickly. We are nitrogen-flushing every bag of coffee so that when it arrives, you will still taste “just roasted” freshness. If you are in the Evansville area and running low on coffee beans, you can purchase our coffee at several locations around town, including Honey+Moon Kitchen at Vogel and Burkhardt Rds, at Rare Bird Uncommon Gifts, at Posh on Main, Outside the Gift Box, or from The variety is more limited at these locations, but we try to keep them stocked with many of our most popular roasts.

Avoiding the Covid-19 virus has become increasingly difficult these last few weeks, and it may be some time before things are back to normal. I have been informed by the USPS that they are aware of the delays and they resolve the backlogs soon. I’ll be checking every day to make sure that packages are getting delivered, and will keep you posted if I learn anything new.

If you have an order and need your tracking information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll send it for you.

I don’t say it often enough, but I appreciate your support through buying our coffee. I sincerely hope this issue doesn’t become an obstacle to you continuing to enjoy great coffee from Evansville Coffee Company.

Please stay healthy and have a wonderful holiday!

Tim – Evansville Coffee Company

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