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Something New is Brewing in Evansville

Coffee aficionado Nate Templeton has been teasing friends for years with his coffee explorations, from small batch roasting to coffee catering at events, but now it appears that he has found his niche in the bottled cold brew market. It’s too soon to tell when Joe Brewski will officially launch, but he is in negotiations for space to locate his brewing operation and discussing product vending opportunities with local businesses.

Tonight, Nate, Jamie Bass, Casey McCoy, and myself gathered at the home of John Reis to sample some brew and discuss pre-launch strategies. We sampled a secret blend of concentrated coffee, then brought it down in strength with water, then with milk. I have to admit that I liked the milk-flavored beverage the best, as it reminded me of a coffee-flavored milkshake.

Coming up with the right roast or blend for cold brew is a challenge. The coffee needs to respond well to extraction, maintaining some of the single origin qualities without becoming too acidic. We were drinking coffee with a ph of around 5.1 (average for coffee) but for a lighter cup, I prefer a ph closer to 5.5. This is completely a personal preference, as ph is not an indicator of good or bad flavor, though it does correlate to “brightness” in the cup. Ultimately, if it tastes good, it’s good!

Personally, I am fascinated with the idea of developing a roast that is specifically tailored to the cold brew process. I have some Brazilian greens that have roasted well from light to dark, and this might be the ideal bean to experiment with, though it’s not wise to choose a single origin roast for a packaged product because year-to-year consistency cannot be assured. However, with 2 or more roasts in a blend, the ratios can be balanced to approximate the same flavor with a far higher degree of consistency.

Keep your eyes open for Joe Brewski at a venue near you!


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