Kenya AA


Sweetly tart; black currant, dark chocolate, citrus notes.

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Kichwa Tembo is everything you expect in a Kenya AA and a little bit more. Bright, full flavors as a light roast, and intense, citrus note.  We like to include this one in some of our blends because it adds to the body and accent without masking more subtle flavors.

This Kichwa Tembo is a classic Kenyan coffee with tropical fruit balanced by complex savory elements that suggest herb and tomato, and more savory hops and peanut. As a light roast, this has a bright flavor that stands out.

Kenyan Blends are created from coffees that have complimentary cup profiles.  While the green coffee will be of a specific grade or quality (AA, AB, PB, etc) its individual cup profile may be lacking in one specific area (Acidity, Body, Sweetness). When blended, similar to the way roasted coffee blends work, the combination of 2 coffees is more often than not greater than the parts.

This blend is from a number of Nyeri factories. Farmers harvest coffee ripe and drop off cherries at their local processing facilities. Here the cherries are de-pulped, fermented overnight, soaked, washed, then placed on raised beds to dry for an average of 7-14 days. At this stage the coffees are hand turned and picked through, removing defects and ensuring even drying.

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Independent growers in the Mt. Kenya region.


SL 28, SL 34, and Ruiru 11


1760+ masl

Cupping Score



Fully Washed


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