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Explore the world of coffee with outstanding coffees from around the world, procured and custom-roasted in small quantities exclusively for our safari members. Experience a different coffee each month!

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Explore the world of coffee, traveling from the western coast of South America across Africa and to the South Pacific islands of Sumatra and New Guinea with us while we tease unique combinations of aroma and flavor out of exceptional coffees that are only available to us for a brief time in limited quantities.

Safari-worthy coffees are exceptional micro-lots that our importers seek out and make available at premium prices. We’re happy to pay the higher cost and make available at a modest profit just so that you can experience the very best the coffee world offers when the growing conditions reach once-in-a-lifetime perfection.

Each month, you will receive a 12 oz. bag of one of our Safari coffees, along with the story behind it and roasting notes that provide you with insight into our process. Your credit card will be automatically charged prior to the roast, and you will receive your coffee within 24-48 hours of roasting, so that it is degassed and ready to enjoy the moment you open the bag and breathe in the first whiff of aromas. Depending on when you place your first order, you may either receive a special roast for your first safari or wait for the next excursion to depart, usually within a couple weeks. Then we will get you on the same departure schedule as everyone else on the safari.

Due to the limited quantities of these microlot coffees, we can only offer a limited number of subscriptions. 

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Weight 12 oz
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