Brazil – Sitio Bela Vista

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Sweet and juicy with cocoa, chocolate, and tropical fruit flavor notes.


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This wonderful farm is located in Espírito Santo, a little known region of Brazil with steep mountainous terrain hosting many smaller farms and a unique, primarily tropical microclimate that impacts the flavor of coffee beans by slowing and extending the growing season. These coffees are sweeter and brighter than the typical Brazil. To highlight the flavors in this Catuai variety from Bela Vista, the coffee cherries are harvested in smaller batches, with several selective pickings to obtain the ripest cherries, then processed using the washed method rather than the more typical natural process used with most Brazilian coffees.

You will find this coffee has more pronounced fruit notes, along with cocoa and chocolate. It is brighter and crisper, more reminiscent of a Central American coffee. There are floral notes, tropical fruit, and a bit of caramel as well. This is a coffee to sip and enjoy!

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Espírito Santo


Sitio Bela Vista




930 meters


Washed Coffee
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