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Our single-origin coffees are selected for both quality and flavor, from small farms and estates who take extra care in how they grow and prepare their coffee. Evansville Coffee Single Origins change often, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an array of coffees year-round.


Notes of brown sugar, orange, lemon, and milk chocolate. Medium acidity, medium body, pleasant sweetness.

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Caramel, nectarine and cherry, with good body and sweetness.


Jasmine, tart cherry, toffee and a heavy mouthfeel.

Central America

Guatemala – Las Faldas


Notes of plum, orange, and milk chocolate. Low acidity, medium body.

Newest Arrivals

Colombia – La Patroness


Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Sweet and Syrupy Body.


Very sweet, with blueberry, graham cracker, strawberry notes, low acidity and medium body.

Single Origins

Brazil – Cerrado


Smooth creamy body, slight sweetness cherry and caramel.


Notes of cherry with cane sugar and caramel.


Almond, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla

Limited Editions

100% Hawaii Kona


Not a blend! This is 100% pure, Extra Fancy grade Kona purchased direct from the farm. Complex flavor with sweet aroma, floral and nutty notes, and a smooth finish. 6 oz. resealable bag inside light-protective box.


Balanced, juicy, and chocolaty.


Well balanced, juicy body with a sparkling citric acidity.