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Making a Cover for the HotTop Cooling Tray

This is just a quick post for HotTop enthusiasts. During the first few roasts, I realized that one of the issues I had was getting the beans from the cooling tray into a storage container. The bean quantity is small, so it hardly justifies dumping beans into a large bin, then scooping into a bag.

At first, I made a paper funnel that the entire tray would fit inside of, and I could pour the beans into a large measuring cup. That wasn’t perfect, and storing the paper funnel was going to be an issue, even if I made one out of a more permanent material.

The idea of a “snap on” cover occurred to me, like what you would find on a Tupperware container. I visited my local Walmart to scope out the various kitchen supplies, and found a set of burner covers for stoves, made of spun steel. The largest size fit well over the bean cooling tray, so I set to work to make this into a viable solution.

Cutting a small hole at one edge seemed like the best idea, and in the process, I decided to bend in a section of the metal rim so that it would catch and hold the lip of the cooling tray. Then I added a bolt with ring magnets to the center, which attaches itself with some force to the spindle of the cooling tray circulation arm.

This makes a solid arrangement. I can cover the hole with my hand and shake the tray to expel any remaining chaff from the cooled beans, and then I can easily pour all of the beans into the container of my choice without losing any of the precious cargo. If you own a HotTop roaster, you might want to try this yourself. It’s very convenient, and the cover can also be used to protect the cooling tray when you are not using your roaster.

Underside of the HotTop cooling tray cover.
Underside of the HotTop cooling tray cover.
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