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Keurig K-Cup® Single Serve Cups

Embrace Your Inner Coffee Snob.

100% Recyclable Keurig®-Compatible Cups

With More Coffee, More Flavor, and Zero Guilt.

Enjoy the Finest Specialty Coffee with the Convenience of a K-Cup®

The ONLY 100% RECYCLABLE in the K-Cup Market – Unlike the new Keurig K-Cups where only the cup is recyclable, our cups are 100% recyclable. Just squeeze the cup over your trash bin to pop it open and empty the grounds, then rinse and recycle.

More Flavor in Every Cup – Unlike the paper filter used in most single serve cups, our polypropylene filter does not absorb delicate flavors, thus enabling the full flavor profile of artisan crafted beans.

More Coffee in Every Cup – Our single-serve cups have more coffee, so you get a full strength extraction that meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America standard for a full strength cup of coffee. Most “big name” coffee brands fall short of that standard, producing a weak cup of coffee.

More Freshness in Every Cup – Our single-serve cups have a snap-closure lid that acts as a one-way valve to release the gas emitted by fresh-roasted, freshly ground coffee. Unlike other single-serve cups, we can roast, grind and fill without waiting for coffee to begin turning stale. By filling immediately after roasting and grinding, we lock the fresh flavor inside the cup until you are ready to enjoy it.

You don't have to sacrifice flavor for convenience

When it comes to coffee, we don’t compromise. Flavor comes first with us, and if we can’t deliver a superior product, we don’t do it. K-cups® are one of those areas where it would be easy to compromise on quality just to offer a popular product. K-cups® are notorious for being weak in strength, not so fresh, and bad for the environment. But we believed that it just might be possible to overcome those limitations, and we succeeded!

Our k-cups are the result of an extensive search and a great deal of ongoing experimentation and analysis. We found the ideal k-cup from a company in Vancouver, Washington, and then tested various grinding and brewing scenarios until we discovered the optimum combination of roasting technique, grind consistency, and coffee quantity to provide you with a “Gold Cup” that tastes great using a Keurig® brewer.

Every bit of our single serve cups are recyclable. Just empty the grounds ( you can do it by hand because the top will pop open with a squeeze on the sides) and rinse before depositing into your recycle bin.

Our single serve cups have a patented design that holds more coffee than the typical k-cup®. By adding more coffee, we can improve the water to coffee ratio, providing you with more great coffee flavor without bitterness.

The unique attached lid that makes recycling easy also serves as a “degassing valve” so that the freshest possible coffee can go into your cups. In fact, we hand-fill each cup with an innovative and proprietary solution that lets us grind the coffee straight into the cup and immediately seal it, locking in the freshest possible flavor.

As an artisan, small-batch roaster, we are always roasting the freshest and most interesting coffees available, buying from individual farms that are overlooked by the big brands due to their relatively small size. That gives us an edge on quality because the best coffees come from individual growers who give personal attention to every plant on their coffee farm.

I sincerely believe you cannot find a better single-origin, single-serve coffee with the convenience of our Keurig®-compatible cups. Don’t just take my word for it. Try it today, and if you are dissatisfied, we will accept a return and refund on any unused product up to 30 days from purchase.


Five Fresh-Roasted Origins to Choose From

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Subscription Service Available for Your Business

You can purchase our single-serve cups in quantity for use in your business. Featuring Evansville Coffee in your business tells employees and customers alike that you are quality-focused and community-oriented. When your customers taste the difference, they’ll know that you hold everything to a higher standard, one that they will appreciate and benefit from.

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