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Are your beans chemical-free?

Thank you for asking! There are no chemicals used in roasting or flavoring our coffees, our beans are 100% Arabica varietals with only their natural flavors, enhanced through roasting.

At the farm, our growers use sustainable and organic practices so that they can produce the best crop that fetches higher than market prices, though it is not always economically viable for them to get organic certification due to their small size. If we only bought coffees that are certified organic, we would be hurting smaller growers who need our support.

While I cannot guarantee no chemical was ever used on any individual plant at any farm we source our coffee from, I can assure you that our coffees are grown using environmentally sound practices and the use of pesticides is rare among small specialty coffee growers.

If you want to absolutely be certain your coffees are pesticide-free, we do have a few coffees that are certified organic. Also, Sumatra and Ethiopia coffees are grown using traditional practices developed before pesticides were invented.

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