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Coffee Safari – Sulawesi Toraja

I’ve been fascinated by the coffees of Indonesia. It first started with a Sumatra Mandheling that, when seeing and smelling the green beans, I thought was going to be terrible. Then I roasted it and shared a few bags of the spicy, earthy, complex roast. It wasn’t long after that customers were asking for more. Then I added Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Java, and Bali. However, this is my first adventure roasting coffee from Sulawesi.
Toraja is considered the very best of Sulawesi coffee. It is grown high in the central mountains, and elicits a flavor that is reminiscent of Sumatra (likely due to the wet-hulling process) but it is a different Arabica varietal with a sweeter, softer flavor. In roasting, I wanted to feature the uniqueness, so I chose a medium-light roast. As a full light roast, it was too vegetal and as a dark roast, it just went flat.
I really enjoy this coffee as an Aeropress, though I am certain that it will taste great no matter how you brew it! Next month our Coffee Safari goes to Panama, where we will enjoy the same coffee from the same farm, except one is a washed process and the other is natural processed. This will be a great opportunity for you to note the differences between two unique coffees. I’ll package this in two bags, so that you can brew them side-by-side if that’s your wish.
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When we chose are coffee for this month’s Coffee Safari, I had no idea that we’d be delivering our beans during nature’s one-two-three punch on the island, with an earthquake, followed by a tsunami, and then a volcano eruption, all within days. It saddens me to think of the hardship they must face, something I understand more deeply since I started becoming more connected to many new corners of the world through coffee.
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