river city coffee company

River City Coffee Company Opens

After 5 years of discussion and planning, Clint and Heather Vaught opened the River City Coffee Company inside Heather’s downtown destination shop, the River City Mercantile. They currently serve a variety of espresso drinks, pour-overs, brewed coffee and cold brews, in addition to decaffeinated coffee and a variety of chai and tea beverages. Downtown Main Street […]

coffee experiments

One Bean, Two Roasts, 15° Difference

I roasted a couple sample batches today from a small estate in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. The beans were a gift for a friend, but I rarely pass up the opportunity to probe for changes based on single variables. If you don’t want to “geek out” on coffee science, you might as […]

Wired Coffee House and Music Venue

Americanos are usually served 12 oz, or 16 oz. but if you ask for an 8oz with a double-shot, it comes out nice and strong, and (to my taste) perfect.

Wired Opens Under New Management

David Rudibaugh has taken the lead on re-opening Wired Coffeehouse in downtown Evansville, on 4th street between Sycamore and Vine. Wired is serving some tasty espresso drinks from their La Vittoria 2 group machine, as well as offering a rotating variety of brewed coffees, iced coffees and frozen drinks. One of the more unique beverages […]

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters

Black Lodge roasts their own beans. The roaster is featured prominently in their retail establishment in downtown New Harmony.

Honey Dew Coffee Co

You can get Bliss Artisan Ice cream at Honey Dew, no need to drive to Mt. Vernon for an ice cream fix.

Barber Bistro

Try their Nitro! It's the Bomb!

How to Store Coffee Beans

While I strongly believe you should only buy one week’s worth of fresh coffee beans at a time, sometimes it just isn’t possible, especially when you live in a smaller city where fresh-roasted, quality beans are simply not available. In this case, you may need to store beans for more than 1 week.

Reversing Airflow on a HotTop Roaster

The HotTop drum roaster is by far the most sophisticated and functional home roasting machine, with features that match, or exceed what can be found on some of the finest commercial roasters. But it does have limitations. It’s designed for the home, so typically you are expected to roast one batch of beans at a […]

Donut Bank Espresso? Don’t Ask!

Donut Bank is an Evansville institution, established nearly 50 years ago. Of course, coffee and donuts go together like bacon and eggs, so they serve my favorite beverage by the gallon on a daily basis. However, I had never tried Donut Bank coffee, and since I broke my donut habit that one college summer when […]

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