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Coffee Experiments with Zac and Ahmed

As a longtime coffee enthusiast, I tend to connect with and encourage other coffee aficionados like myself, so when Zac Parsons told me he was planning to open a coffeehouse, I invited him to join me in some exercises that would help sharpen our senses and coffee knowledge. There is nothing complex about what we’re […]

Adventures in Slow Pour – An Espresso Afficionado Compares Results

I am learning to develop a “slow pour” technique, as an alternative to my old standby, Espresso Americano. As a coffee brewing technique, slow pour has much in common with espresso, because you are controlling the coffee extraction process through water temperature, the grind, and time. Espresso is precisely controlled. My machine is designed to […]

Making a Cover for the HotTop Cooling Tray

This is just a quick post for HotTop enthusiasts. During the first few roasts, I realized that one of the issues I had was getting the beans from the cooling tray into a storage container. The bean quantity is small, so it hardly justifies dumping beans into a large bin, then scooping into a bag.

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